New York, New York

Nothing can prepare you for the real thing. It does not matter what you have seen on TV before or read in books, New York hits you like a caffeine shot. Waking up every senses with a jolt.

Add to that this was not only my first visit to New York, but my first visit outside my own county, India. 

Central Park

 My idea of New York most heavily influenced by the many romantic comedies that I had watched on HBO. Quaint houses, Central Park, Times Square.. I was not disappointed. 

Radio City Hall, Rockfeller Centre

The street food, the smells of a cuisine concocted over decades and probably more. Ray’s Pizza was every bit awesome as told by my self appointed travel guru Anthony Bourdain. And the quentissential Diner Food, was even better than the way it looks on Travel Channel. 

Hector’s Diner, Meatpacking District

I was in New York for three days and the experience will last me long time. But I will come back. There is so much more to see. I was a tourist, I need to be more for the city of New York to embrace me and show me its deepest and most wondrous secrets. 

Until Then.. 

New York, New York

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